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Oct. 2020

ORChidea 3LT at NRIAG Egypt

Kaymacor and solar cooling applications The Kaymacor low temperature models (KC-LT) can be used for solar cooling applications. Fed with water in the temperature range of 60 - 110 °, they provide the electrical power needed to power traditional steam compression cooling cycles. The company has built three plants by integrating its technology with concentrating solar collectors. In this context, a low temperature model will be delivered in December to the National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics NRIAG in Cairo in Egypt. The possibility of powering the ORC from both a solar source and a biomass boiler makes the ORC a unique technology able to use two renewable energy sources in parallel (sun and biomass) and to be able to store energy not only in batteries but also in thermal form. ORC machines can also be used in conjunction with absorption machines. In this case, the overall efficiency of the solar cooling system increases further.

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